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Carbrooke Millennium Green, also known as Carbrook Village Millennium Green, is a 10 acre site in the village of Carbrooke, Norfolk. Carbrooke is a beautiful space full of indigenous wildlife, trees and wildflowers. It is used by people from within the village and beyond


History of the Green Edit

Millennium Feature Edit


Carbrooke started a project to completely renovate their maze in 2016.

Carbrooke has a 'living maze' made up of a mix of Dogwood and Willow. It is made up of 8 rings with a small tower in the middle. By using this material it allows us to harvest materials from the maze to plug gaps or replace whole sections. In 2016 Carbrooke replaced over 100 metres of the maze. All of the materials have been harvested from our green.

Other Features Edit

The Green also has an amphitheatre and children’s play area, as well as walks and trails across the site.

Nature & Wildlife Edit

There is a wildlife pond.

Fundraising and EventsEdit

We are a small group with a big site to look after. We run a number of fundraising events per year in order to keep the green open.

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