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The official sign and a bicycle rack

Chadwell is a small Green in Romford on the north-eastern edge of London. This urban Green is tucked away more or less out of sight to most people, behind a square of houses, created on land that was once allotments. The green is not very "open and evident", but as it has a large, well-equipped park nearby, the Millennium Green serves mainly as a quiet haven for wildlife and relaxing people.



The land had been allotments.

Millennium FeatureEdit

The feature is a circular mosaic designed by the children of the local primary school of St. Chad.

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The mosaic is around 1.8M across and depicts local plants and animals, with St. Chad's Well in the middle

The mosaic is set into the ground in a circle of seats near the entrance to the Green. As of 2012, the mosaic is in good condition with little wear or damage except the white border.

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This area, with close-mown grass is suitable for use for events, as specified by the Countryside Agency


Other Features Edit

Wetland AreaEdit

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The Wetland in the wet summer of 2012

There is a small wetland area, which has a few inches of water in winter and may more or less dry out in summer. A boardwalk bridge arches round and over the wetland with a balustrade on one side. The soil from digging out the wetland was used to create a mound adding a little change in height to the otherwise flat land of the Green.


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The wooded centre of the Green

The Green is quite wooded, with a mix of different trees, including a number of native species.


A small orchard is tucked in the corner furthest from the entrance.


The land is well supplied with seats, although none are really in the shade.



A number of events have taken place on the Green. A party was held for the Golden Jubilee in 2012.

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The secure shed.

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