Earlham Millennium Green or Earlham Marsh, to give its formal, original name, is a 4.2 acre site in Norfolk.

According to Norwich City Council: "Earlham Millennium Green is owned by Norwich City Council and managed in partnership with the Norwich Fringe Countryside Management Project"


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Qutoed from Report on Norwich Fringe Project meeting of 9th December 2008:

"During July and August we where able to spend the grant awarded to BTCV of £10,000 on a new plastic boardwalk at Earlham Millennium Green. The new boardwalk replaces 100 metres of the old wooden boardwalk, which had become rotten and unsafe. The work was led by Tanya Fletcher, Project officer at BTCV and carried out by a group of army cadets. Tanya is now on maternity leave and Debbie Murray is providing maternity cover. The grant allowed additional equipment including a generator and drill to be purchased, which has been used by BTCV to build steps in Lion Wood for Paul Holley, Natural Areas Officer at Norwich City Council. During the winter BTCV and the Project will be pollarding a number of the willow trees around the pond, which will prolong the trees’ lives and make their long-term management much easier.

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