Frome Millennium Green is in Frome in Somerset.


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Right in town

History of the Green Edit

The Green was set up in 2000 in an undeveloped area near to Frome Town Centre.

Millennium Feature Edit

Carved timber benches and stonework, the photo is of a memorial to Christina Rossetti, the Pre-raphealite poet, once a Frome residentand quotes a tiny piece of her work.


Other Features Edit

Close to Rodden Meadows and River Frome, working with F.R.O.G.S., who are looking after the riverside

Nature & Wildlife Edit

The Green is intended to be quite wild, with many plants and animals


A variety of birds can be seen including Robin, Long Tailed Tits, Green Woodpecker, Tree Creepers, Chiff Chaff. Pipistrelle and Daubenton bats are among the twelve species that can be seen in summer within a five mile radius.


Wild flowers include Cow Parsley, Wild Teasel, Cranesbill, Ground Ivy, Lesser Celandine. Butterflies include Brimstone, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown. Apple Trees were planted in the Orchard and various trees and shrubs have been planted, including part of a national Guinness Book of Records tree planting event.
Frome Steps

The Steps


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Beautiful apples from Frome's Orchard

Not that great this year, but there will be the Wassail again next year, an English tradition, in hopes of a better crop. In the Autumn there is normally an Apple Day, when all and sundry fill their caps and bags

Fundraising and SponsorshipEdit

There has been funding from Frome Town Council and Frome Lottery


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Oxfam held a Forage & Feast event on the 17th October

Forage & Feast was a wild food walk with a local expert, afterward cooking up Hawthorn Chutney and feasting on foraged goodies


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