Halesworth Millennium Green is near Halesworth, in the Blythe valley in Suffolk, was created from 32 acres of grazing marsh. It is maintained as marshland with summer cattle grazing. Halesworth Claim on their website to be the biggest Millennium Green- they are in fact the SECOND largest Millennium Green, now 50 acres. As of 2011, the trust is still successfully running the MM Green, supported by funds from cattle grazing.

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The original 32 acres was supplimented by a purchase of 18 acres in 2012.

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In November 2012, it was announced that a £200, 000 grant will be provided by D.O.T. to create a cycle path through the Green.

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The land is on a flood plain and much of it is regularly flooded, which is ideal land for cattle grazing.


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