Henbury Millennium Green is in Henbury Vilage in Cheshire.


History of the Green Edit

The Parish Council was instrumental around 1998 in setting up the Henbury Millennium Green.


In 2014, Henbury purchased a half-acre of land adjacent to the vicarage from Church authorities.

Millennium FeatureEdit

Sundial Henbury

Henbury's Sundial

Henbury installed a detailed and accurate sundial.

Other Features Edit

Children's Play AreaEdit

Henbury installed a new play area in 2014.

Nature & Wildlife Edit

The Green have been removing sycamore trees in favour of native hawthorn. There is a small pond.



The Council makes donations each year towards the cost of the maintenance of the Green. The Council also works closely each year with the Trustees of the Green in the provision of the Bonfire and Firework Display that takes place in November and provides the insurance cover for this event.

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