Woodfield Catkins 2018

Is Woodfield the smallest?

Size isn't everything, but it is something of great curiousity when it comes to comparing Millennium Greens. Not surprisingly, the rural Greens are usually bigger than the more urban ones, where land is hard-to-come-by and more expensive. If we haven't put yours in yet- go ahead! I am sure there is some fancy proper way to set this up as a fancy box/chart/list. If you know it, be our guest.

Total Area? Edit

It could be over 400 Acres- if you feel like working it out, be our guest!

Largest Edit

Medium Edit

  • 10 Acres= 4.05 Hectares

Smaller Edit

  • Waterloo London 0.92 acres 0.385 Hectares
  • Woodfield North Yorkshire 0.28 acres 0.11 Hectares