Woodcote is a largely woodland area of 7 acres in Epsom, Surrey.


The Green is bounded by Woodcote Green Road and the Woodcote Estate to the rear of Epsom General Hospital

History of the Green Edit

The land was originally part of the estate of the Manor of Horton, owned by Chertsey Abbey until the dissolution of the lesser monasteries in 1536-7. Following several different owners, the Manor became owned by the sister-in-law of John Evelyn, the 17th Century diarist.

The Harwood family donated a large portion of the woodland including the pond to be held in perpetuity by the Trustees of the Woodcote Millennium Green Trust in 1999. In July 2000 the Mayor of Epsom and Ewell opened The Woodcote Millennium Green .

More information can be found on the official Woodcote Millennium Green website

Millennium Feature Edit

Their Millennium Feature is a human sundial was designed by Sue White. It comprises a ring of marble slabs marked with the hours of the day and a central slab on which a person stands to create a shadow on the time. It is set to British Summer Time and is reasonably accurate.

Other Features Edit

The paths were put in place in 2000 and make the green wheelchair friendly. Several solid wooden benches have been donated and have been sited for maximum enjoyment of the surroundings. Interpretation Board

Woodcote Interpret

Woodcote's Interpretation board

Nature & Wildlife Edit

Woodcote has a pond, which attracts a number of birds and other wildlife. The Trust has added birdboxes to encourage birds to nest there.


10th Birthday EventEdit

An event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Green attracted over 700 people.


In 2005 the Trust launched a scheme to attract Patrons donating sums to the Green.

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